The Spruce VIII – A&C Firmness Levels



The Spruce Mattress

Keeping it simple – 100% natural latex foam

While the Magnolia, Aspen, and Willow models incorporate inner springs, the Spruce Mattress is made of only natural latex foam.

This design gives it the most substantial, dense feel without being too firm. The Spruce mattress produces a nearly motionless experience and is extremely durable. Six (6) firmness levels in all.


  • Lightweight fine Merino wool lining
  • No turning or flipping
  • Solid, 100% natural latex foam, no coils
  • High-performance German-made stretch knit-cotton cover


  • Dense, substantial feel
  • Extremely durable
  • Essentially zero motion transfer
  • Anti-allergenic, dust-mite resistant, anti-microbial
  • “A” firmness level is ideal for individuals weighing less than 200 lbs.
  • “C” firmness level is ideal for individuals weighing over than 220 lbs.


For Optimal Mattress Performance:

Consider a mattress foundation – options available:

Self Adjusting Flexible Slat Suspension System,

Box Foundation or

Adjustable Motorized Base

For Greater Temperature Stability, Heat Reduction, And A More Luxurious Feel:

Consider the Removable Pillowtop or Wool Topper and the Organic Sheets & Comforters.

Don’t Forget A Pillow:

The sleep system should take care of you from the shoulders down, while the pillow takes care of you from the shoulders up.  Consider the phenomenal Oxygen Pillow.