Box Foundation


Made of a solid pine perimeter and solid 1”x 4” pine slats, this Box Foundation provides an extremely stable, level foundation for your mattress. The open bottom construction allows exceptional airflow for your mattress – reducing the possibility of trapping heat & moisture.

  • 1″x4″ solid pine slats positioned 1 ¼” apart
  • Upholstered cotton exterior to match our mattress

Available in 8.5″, 6.5″ and 4″ profiles.

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A straight forward and simple solution to chemical free bed support



It may look simple, but our Box Foundation will provide lasting firm support while still staying true to our natural and chemical-free beliefs.

  • PEFC certified sustainable construction
  • Passes fire safety using only chemical free natural wool
  • Organic cotton knit upholstering
  • Spacing promotes airflow to ensure dry and healthy sleeping.

Crafted from solid, untreated wood from Canada.