4 Motor Legra Motorized Base


The LEGRA by Röwa – “The Shoulder Bed”
Röwa is Europe’s leading manufacturer of adjustable motorized beds. Manufactured in Germany by the most skilled and knowledgeable engineers, the state-of-the-art, high-tech LEGRA adjustable bed system offers exceptional individualized comfort and durability.
  • Available four-motor model – provides lift in 4 areas
    1. Upper body/torso – Sit up easily for reading or watching tv
    2. Behind knee area – benefits individuals with low back pain
    3. Top of the head – benefits individuals with acid reflux/sinus pressure
    4. Foot of the bed – benefits individuals with heart problems
  • The lift is made of durable steel parts.
  • Up to 20 cm/7.8 inches of ground clearance in the stand-alone unit.
  • Corded programmable handset
  • Special “Shoulder Zone” automatically adjusts to any shoulder position, maintaining correct posture for increased comfort and ease of breathing throughout the night