Our Mattresses: Natural, Durable, Personalized Comfort

Every single mattress sold is made of the same high-quality components & materials.

100% Natural Latex Foam (Vita Talalay – Holland)

100% Natural Wool (Plein Aire – France)

100% Certified Organic Cotton (Germany)

You will NEVER find, polyurethane or memory foam in our mattresses and you will NEVER find chemical flame retardants.

Our “Hybrid Mattresses” contain high carbon steel Individually Pocketed Coils. (Germany, Sweden)

In order to offer a PERSONALIZED FIT, our mattresses are available in various support & firmness options.  Our highly trained staff can assist you in finding the PERFECT MATTRESS for your body type, body weight, and primary sleeping position/s.

Whatever your preference, plush, extra firm or somewhere in between, there is a Sovn mattress to meet your needs.

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Personalized Bed Fitting  



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