Certified Organic Cotton

Mattress Covers Made With 100% Organic Cotton

Our mattress covers are designed to optimize airflow and to work with the flexible mattress core to allow optimal contour to the sleeper’s body.

The organic long staple cotton in our cotton cover comes from Turkey and is knitted into a perfect stretch-cotton material by a specialist for high-tech knits in Germany.  Because cotton is a natural fiber, it’s naturally more elastic.

Elasticity is important because it reduces surface tension and allows the mattress to contour to the sleeper’s body, decreasing pressure on shoulders and hips, enabling the sleeper to attain a neutral sleep position for deeper breathing and restful sleep. Organic stretch cotton quilted to wool produces a high-performance mattress cover which is resilient, flexible and provides thermal balance.

Our cotton is not only organic, it’s also washed. Although organic cotton is already pesticide-free we specify washing as another important step to get rid of any ultra-fine cotton dust (mainly consisting of cotton linters), which can be a potential allergen.

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